March 28, 2023


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Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss claims Roman Abramovich has offered to sell him and three others Chelsea football club

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Roman Abramovich is attempting to sell Chelsea and has already sent out sale proposals to at least four people, according to Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, who says he was among those to be offered the club.

Abramovich, who bought Chelsea in 2003, has come under intense scrutiny in the past week following Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine.

The 55-year-old oligarch has been photographed with Russian president Vladimir Putin in the past, and while it was claimed last week that Abramovich has no involvement in politics, a spokesperson for the Blues’ owner suggested to the Press Association on Monday that he was “trying to help” achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Russian businesses and high-profile individuals have been hit with crippling financial sanctions by nations all over the world since the attack began last Thursday.

It is unclear if Abramovich has been impacted directly yet, but on Saturday he announced he was giving “trustees of Chelsea’s charitable foundation the stewardship and care of Chelsea”, a move that shocked English football despite there being very little clarity as to what exactly it actually meant.

Critics suggested it was an attempt to stave off the United Kingdom’s first waves of sanctions against Russians, while lawyers have claimed it meant nothing in legal terms while Abramovich remained owner – yet, according to Wyss, that could seemingly change very soon.

But Wyss, who made his fortune in medical device manufacturing, will only be willing to make the purchase if he can put together a consortium of investors.

“Like all other oligarchs, he is in a panic,” the 86-year-old told Swiss newspaper Blick. “Abramovich is trying to sell all his villas in England. He also wants to get rid of Chelsea quickly. I and three other people received an offer on Tuesday to buy Chelsea from Abramovich.

“I have to wait four to five days now. Abramovich is currently asking far too much. You know, Chelsea owe him £2billion.

“But Chelsea has no money. It means, those who buy Chelsea must compensate Abramovich [for the debts].

“As of today, we don’t know the exact selling price. I can well imagine starting at Chelsea with partners, but I have to examine the general conditions first.

“But what I can already say, I’m definitely not doing something like this alone. If I buy Chelsea, then [I’d buy] with a consortium consisting of six to seven investors.”

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