December 3, 2022


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Jose Peseiro announced as new Super Eagles Head Coach

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The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) have announced the appointment of Portuguese tactician Jose Peseiro as new head coach of the Super Eagles.

“After careful consideration of a memo presented by Chairman of the Technical and Development Sub-Committee Ahmed Yusuf Fresh, the Executive Committee endorsed a proposal for the appointment of Mr Jose Peseiro as the new Head Coach of the Super Eagles,”reads the statement.

”However, the Committee resolved that Mr Augustine Eguavoen, named the interim Head Coach, will lead the Super Eagles to the AFCON 2021 in Cameroon with Mr Peseiro only playing the role of Observer.

“It was unanimously agreed that the AFCON is a good avenue for Mr Peseiro to launch a working relationship with Mr Eguavoen, who will revert to his role as Technical Director (hence Mr Peseiro’s immediate boss) after the AFCON.

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