November 27, 2021


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Ever wondered why trophy presentations were moved to the pitch?

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I was watching the Nations League Final between Spain and France, and when it got to the time for the trophy presentation, I had this flash back to the wild jubilation the Chelsea team had up in the stands [especially Jose Bosingwa] when they won the Champions League in 2012. Coming back to reality, I asked myself why aren’t trophy presentations done up the stands again? Then I remembered where it all ended.

Gone are the days when players have to drag themselves up a flight of stairs to collect their prize following 90 or more gruelling minutes on the pitch.

In 2017, UEFA moved trophy presentations from stands to the pitch.

UEFA scrapped the tradition of going into the stands to celebrate a title in favour of presenting trophies on the pitch.

The change was implemented during the 2017 Europa League final between Ajax and Manchester United in Stockholm. Since then, it has been a norm.

The move was intended to enhance the viewing pleasure of fans both inside the stadiums and those watching around the world.

Giving the reason to the change in presentation, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said:

“The pitch is the players’ stage and it is only fitting that their achievements are celebrated there,” UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said.

“It also is sensible that the officials should come down from the stands to the players – to their arena – and pay tribute to them in presenting the trophy and medals on the playing surface.

“Players will also be able to celebrate with their teammates on the pitch in full view of the fans without the interruption of having to climb up to the stands. Furthermore, all supporters will get a perfect view of the trophy lift wherever they are seated in the stadium.”

The then – new regulation has since then been standard practice for national-team competitions, including the European Championship as well.

Which of the presentation do you like?

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