September 19, 2021


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Manchester United officially complete signing of Raphael Varane

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Manchester United have completed a deal with Real Madrid for Raphael Varane, the club have announced.

United announced on July 27 that a deal for Varane had been agreed but a medical and personal terms had yet be finalised. A deal worth approximately €41 million had been agreed.

The 28-year-old is United’s third signing of the summer after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also brought in Jadon Sancho and Tom Heaton.

Varane was in the final year of his contract at Madrid and the club opted to sell him this summer rather than lose him on a free transfer later down the line.

Over the decade he spent at the Bernabeu he made 360 appearances where he won three La Liga titles and four Champions League trophies. Despite this success, he was looking for a new challenge in the Premier League.

The centre-back was also part of the 2018 World Cup winning France squad.

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