September 19, 2021


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‘Italy are not afraid of Wembley’ – Bonucci

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Leonardo Bonucci has stated that the Italian squad will not be afraid to play in front of a partisan Wembley crowd against England in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

The 34-year-old, alongside 37-year-old captain Georgio Chiellini, has excelled in the Azzurri backline throughout this tournament and is preparing to play in his second Euros showpiece event.

Italy were heavily beaten 4-0 by Spain in the Euro 2012 final, however Bonucci is “very confident” that this result will not be repeated at Wembley.

“We will be playing at their home but we are not afraid of that. We are looking forward to going to Wembley on Sunday, even though we will have a mostly English crowd,” Bonucci told the Evening Standard.

“But being there will be additional motivation for us because we want to achieve something historical and will do everything we can to play a great match, then we will see what the final result will be.”

Italy failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but have since improved immensely under former Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini, and head into this weekend’s final unbeaten in their last 33 international matches.

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