September 20, 2021


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PSV star’s family πŸ‘ͺ attacked by robbers in their home 🏑

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PSV EINDHOVEN star Eran Zahavi’s wife and three children were tied up and gagged by armed robbers in a horrifying break-in at the weekend.
Police in Holland have confirmed the robbery at their Amsterdam home and have opened an investigation.
Eran Zahavi’s wife and three kids were tied up and gagged as two armed men broke into and robbed their home in Amsterdam in a sickening incident
Zahavi’s wife Shay and their kids were inside the property when two robbers – one of which was armed and dressed like a delivery driver – broke in, tied them up and gagged them.
The crooks then made off with personal items and money.
Shay took to Instagram to reveal the family are all fine ‘physically’ but stated the emotional recovery would be a long journey.
Zahavi – who missed PSV’s 2-0 win over Willem II on Sunday after learning of the vile robbery – thanked police, the mayor of Amsterdam and his wife in his own post on social media.
The Israeli star defiantly stated he and his family would not be scared away by the criminals – vowing to stay put in the Dutch capital.
Zahavi said: “I want to thank everyone for the support and pain they show towards my wife and children.
“It is important for us to make it clear that we appreciate this very much and feel very loved in the Netherlands.
“Yesterday the mayor of Amsterdam called and supported the family.”
Zahavi raced home to be with his family after learning of the sickening break-in.
Zahavi continued: “I want to stop the rumours – we are not running anywhere.
“On the contrary we will stay until the end of the season and complete our missions!
“I would like to thank all those who care and love in Israel.
“Shay will talk about the case and put things in order if and when she feels comfortable doing so soon.
“My dear wife Shay, how I thought you were strong, I realised after this case that you are even more than I could have imagined and who you are for us.
“So the biggest thank you is thank you love you.”
In a separate post, Zahavi later added: “Thanks everyone for the support during this week and big thanks for my wife.
“Thanks PSV for every small detail during this difficult moment #lovealwayswins”.
Shay later opened up on her own Instagram about the horrific ordeal.
She wrote: “Yesterday, my family and I went through a horrifying experience of robbery and attack in the place that is supposed to be the safest in the world for us – our home.
“We went through some difficult hours and we need a moment to take in everything.”
Shay later added: “It is important to note that the children were not touched and they are fine… physically.
“Mentally, all of us will need to work together and get through this in the best way.”

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