September 20, 2021


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West Ham yet to receive any bid for Declan Rice – Moyes

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West Ham United manager David Moyes has affirmed that the capital outfit are yet to be approached by Manchester United or Chelsea over a deal for Declan Rice.

The England international remained at the London Stadium over the summer after interest from Chelsea ended up going nowhere, but Man United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is now said to be keen on a deal for West Ham’s lynchpin.

However, Moyes has insisted that neither team has touched base with West Ham over a deal, telling Amazon Prime Video: “They’re not true, we’ve had no contact from either of those clubs regarding Declan and we wouldn’t want any anyway.

“He’s doing great for us, he’s a big leader now, he’s taken a lot of the weight off Mark Noble. He’s turning out to be a really good player but also a really good boy and good around the club.”

Rice remains under contract at the London Stadium until the end of the 2023-24 season, where he has already made 129 appearances having just turned 22.

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