June 6, 2023


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Thiago Silva admits he feels more relaxed due to less pressure to win the Champions League

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There are a few clubs who appear to be throwing all their resources towards finally winning the Champions League, and it’s clear that’s the case at PSG.

They don’t really have any serious competition in France and they came so close to winning the big one last year, but they lost out in the final to Bayern Munich.

It sounds like that pressure does get to the players, with Chelsea new boy Thiago Silva admitting that he was enjoying himself after making the move because there was lest pressure.

His comments to Esporte Interavito were picked up by Get French football news.

“For me, it would have been difficult to do another year with all this pressure to win the Champions’ League. I am changing scenery a bit and I feel a bit more relaxed. Not to say that there isn’t pressure, pressure is the same. I play for a great team that is looking for titles.”

It does suggest that the pressure at PSG may not be healthy after a while, but it’s interesting to see that there’s no real pressure to win the competition at Chelsea.

It can’t come as a surprise because Frank Lampard’s side are currently struggling to get things done in the Premier League so it would be an almighty shock of they go far in Europe, but they’ve shown before that it’s possible if they get on a decent run.

Perhaps that lack of pressure could even help them in the latter stages if they make it too

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