January 16, 2022


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What Partey needs to do to avoid being a ‘flop’ at Arsenal: Dad

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The father of the latest Arsenal summer signing – Partey has given his word of advice to his son after completing his transfer to Arsenal.

“I think I prayed before. I went to a coaching course so I have been reading the sports books and highlights and also other history about sports men and women,”

“So I told him this thing is an opportunity that has come to pass some years back.”

“What I [noticed] was that he was willing to play where there is Champions League [football] but [I suggested to him that] can’t he be where there is no Champions League and help them get into the Champions League?”

“My advice to him was irrespective of the big move, he has to keep training seriously and not lose focus. Not chase ladies so he doesn’t flop! And he was very receptive of that.”

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